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Guinea pigs, also called Cavies, are a trained types of rat (Cavia porcellus). They were initially local to South America. There have been prominent for a huge number of years as pets and as sustenance, and this species no more exists in nature. Guinea pigs are cuddly, humorous, and clever. They make awesome pets for youngsters and can be exceptionally social creatures. They are not  expensive and the greatest cost is the underlying setting up of  lodging. Guinea pigs are simply pets, so veterinarian costs are insignificant.



Owning and caring for  a guinea pig can be extremely rewarding, also this is a major obligation and a long haul responsibility regarding the consideration.

There is nobody “immaculate” approach to look after all guinea pigs. In light of the fact that each guinea pig and each circumstance are distinctive. It is dependent upon you, what you look like after your guinea pig, however you should find a way to guarantee that you care for every one of their issues.

To start with the guideline of right guinea pig care: Provide your pet with ideal (or bigger) measured enclosure. Put the pen inside the house. It ought to live in a high movement range, with insignificant temperature  (Ideally 20°C – 22°C). Not on direct daylight, but rather additionally not in the pitch dark region.

Give your pet daily a free floor time, where it can meander uninhibitedly in the bigger (yet encased and checked) space, in this manner attempting to keep up a decent wellbeing. Before all else your pet may simply stop in one spot, yet in the end it will start to meander around and investigating the range. Is not prescribed to utilize exercise wheels, which are not intended for guinea pigs and could hurt their bodies.

At the point when their nails turn out to be clearly too huge, they should be trimmed. This is generally done every few weeks. Proprietor’s normal nail scissors will do the trap. The proprietor must abstain from cutting into the living/beefy part of the nail, which is diverse shading and once in a while difficult to see.

Since the guinea pig is typically low leveled, long hair can get wet, grimy and give a decent base to a bacterial development. There is no broad principle for hair trimming. The proprietor must be autonomous in settling on choices about this procedure, however, thinking about mild season and the length of your pet’s hair.

It is prescribed to brush guinea pig’s hide so as to evacuate a portion of the free hair, and in this way to decrease shedding. Proprietor can do this on a daily premise. Delicate brush produced using regular materials is prescribed. The bigger the creature’s hair, the more grounded need is for brushing process.

Despite the fact that guinea pigs once in a while need showers, it is prescribed to wash them tenderly every few months in a warm, clean water. The proprietor must abstain from getting water in a pet’s ears. Additionally, should dry the guinea pig with delicate towels in the wake of showering.

Guinea Pig is a social (crowd) creature, so it needs organization. Continuous connection with the pet is profoundly suggested.



By nature, guinea pigs are eating creatures and in the wild they live on leaves, stems and seeds of grasses and their related plants. During imprisonment, guinea pigs like to eat crisp green grass, roughage, new products of the soil and grain for their staple eating regimen.

For the most fundamental eating regimen, think about utilizing as a munching box to permit your guinea pig to eat as much grass as it can. At the point when your guinea pig is taken inside, give a little bowl of one of the accompanying: sweet oats, smashed oats, guinea pig pellets (however, not rabbit pellets), guinea pig grain blend, whole-meal bread or wheat (blended in a pond with milk or water). You can purchase any of these at a nearby bolster store or pet shop. Sweet oats are the best of these for empowering a solid craving. Guinea pig pellets have a tendency to be utilized if all else fails.

The sorts of foods grown from the ground guinea pigs like to eat incorporate apples, carrots, lettuce, fresh corn, celery leaves, spinach, silver beet, cabbage, orange skins, grapefruit skins and tomatoes. Guinea pigs are singular creatures in regards to eating regimen and some will like tomatoes and some will turn up their nose at them! Consequently, to guarantee guinea pigs get a decent measure of Vitamin C, particular eaters may like infrequent orange or tomato juice blended into their water. Serve crunchy products of the soil that you would eat yourself – no disgusting chestnut edges or any spoiled nourishments.

Guinea pigs require water at all time, in both open air and indoor confines. Pet shops offer water containers or you can make your own particular out of a little, discharge soda pop jug, a bit of wire, an elastic plug and a metal tube with a round ball wedged in it. Connect the distributor to an enclosure by permitting the metal tube into the pen while keeping the container outside it (propped up with wire). The guinea pig licks the metal ball and moves it around in the metal tube, permitting water to stream out in little sums. Check water distributors day by day to ensure your guinea pig has enough to drink.



Veterinarians don’t prescribe that individual pet proprietors endeavor to breed guinea pigs. It is frequently hard to discover homes for youthful guinea pigs with minding and dependable pet proprietors. Reproducing regularly diminishes the lifespan of female guinea pigs and beginning to breed following 8 months of age can be extremely perilous for a female guinea pig. The reason for this is the ordinary solider of the symphysis (a joint of the intense sinewy ligament between the 2 pubic bones of the pelvis) when the female achieves adulthood. Sows who achieve adulthood without an earlier pregnancy will be unable to convey their young ordinarily. Cesarean areas are once in a while fruitful in guinea pigs notwithstanding, when performed by a veterinarian who has involvement with guinea pigs.

Spaying or fixing of pet guinea pigs should be possible by a veterinarian experienced in managing little creatures, yet the surgery can be costly and carries dangers. Fixing a male is by and large less demanding than spaying a female. Be that as it may, guinea pigs regularly don’t respond well to surgery, anesthesia, or being kept in a new environment. The most secure, simple, and minimum costly approach to avoid rearing is to house male and female guinea pigs independently.

If you choose to have your guinea pig spayed or fixed, search out a veterinarian who has effectively done an extensive number of these surgeries. After the surgery, keep your pet calm and isolated from other guinea pigs while recuperating. A little, clean confine with towels for bedding functions admirably. The towels ought to be changed at any rate twice per day. Verify that the guinea pig is eating and drinking; additional vitamin C may likewise be useful.

Male guinea (pigs) develops sexually and can mate as youthful as 3 months of age. Female guinea pigs (sows) develop sexually as youthful as 2 months of age (55 to 70 days). Females can have estrous or rich periods whenever of the year, yet they are most normal in the spring. The estrous cycle length is 16 days. A female is prolific for around 6 to 11 hours, regularly amid night hours. They start another estrous cycle not long after conceiving an offspring.

The guinea pig incubation period is 59 to 73 days. The litter size extents from 1 to 8 pups, yet a litter of 2 to 4 is more basic. A female can bring forth up to 5 liters for every year. At the point when a guinea pig is going to conceive an offspring, any male guinea pigs close to her will accumulate around and attempt to wind up the overwhelming male so as to both ensure the female and mate with her. The female has a short baby blues estrus that will keep going for just about a large portion of a day and, without a prevailing male, the greater part of the guys will attempt to mate with the new mother.

Consideration of Newborns

Infant guinea pigs weigh around 3.5 ounces (100 grams). Indeed, even in such a little size, they have hair and can see and run. They will nurture from their mom, yet can snack at strong sustenance, (for example, dampened pellets) inside 2 days. The mother has a solitary pair of mammary organs from which the infants will nurture until around 3 weeks of age. When they reach around 6 ounces (180 grams), the posterity will quit nursing and eat the same sustenances as their folks. It is critical to start to precisely handle youthful guinea pigs when they are just 2 or 3 weeks old. This is the period when youthful guinea pigs will create bonds with people and figure out how to acknowledge being held.




American Guinea Pig

The American guinea pig is the most widely recognized type of every one of them. They are the ones that you most likely imagine when you think “guinea pig.” This breed has a decent personality and have a tendency to coexist better with different pigs (yet all the more essentially with kids). The motivation behind why they’re so well known is on the grounds that they’re so natural to deal with. Not all guinea pigs have short hair like the American. Also, due to this element, preparing isn’t as tedious as with the since a long time ago haired breeds. I would profoundly suggest the American on the off chance that you anticipate offering one to a little youngster. Furthermore, in spite of the fact that they aren’t precisely the most intriguing or energizing, they are generally as adorable as a Peruvian.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig

One of the oldest species, the Abyssinian guinea pig is absolutely an icebreaker for another home guest. They have fairly long hair with twirls, which make them ideal for show guinea pigs. Eight to ten rosettes (or twirls) are the suggested number of judges on the off chance that you need to get your pig appeared at an opponent. But since of the long hair and twists, it’s harder to deal with an Abyssinian. Prepping should be accomplished all the more frequent. This would not be a perfect pet for a tyke since they are not as low support as, for instance, the American. The Abyssinians are known not mischievous and get into additional inconvenience. In any case, don’t give that a chance to discourage you from owning one. Their fun and cherishing identity will absolutely compensate for the wreckage they may bring about.

Peruvian Guinea Pig

Of all the distinctive sorts, the Peruvian guinea pig takes the cake for the longest hair. Actually, the longest hair recorded by any guinea pig (set by a Peruvian) achieved 20 crawls in length! Not at all like the Abyssinian, the Peruvian has long straight hair. Also, despite the fact that regardless they require time with prepping, a few proprietors select to trim their hair short to abstain from brushing ordinary. In the event that you do keep the long hair, brushing is fundamental, generally their hair will probably get tangled and cause inconvenience. The Peruvian has a tendency to be more ready and inquisitive than the various breeds. They are pretty much as cherishing and will frequently come welcome you to straighten something up each chance they get.  Can prescribe them for kids, particularly in the event that you anticipate trimming the hair for them.

Silkie Guinea Pig

The Silkie guinea pig, additionally nicknamed the “Sheltie,” is entirely like the Peruvian as in it has long smooth hair. There is a little distinction in physical appearance. The hair around their head clears back in an unexpected way, and looks as though it had been deliberately slicked back. On account of the styling of the hair, I have heard some truly awesome guinea pig names particular to the Silkie. Longer hair requires constant prepping. In any case, in case you’re a guardian that will thought on that obligation, then by all methods pull out all the stops. Their hair is shinier and milder than the Peruvian, so they are extraordinary for little children to play with, just not for them to deal with.

Teddy Guinea pig

Donning a short yet thick coat, the Teddy guinea pig is regularly portrayed as “wiry.” They may not generally be delicate like alternate breeds, but rather they are moderately simple to keep up. Because of the way of their jacket, infrequent brushing is important to expel any garbage stuck in their hide. What’s more, as time goes, there will be garbage. The motivation behind why they’re known as the “Teddy” is a result of their uncanny likeness to a squishy toy. They are also known for their upturned nose, which is restrictive to this type of guinea pigs.

Teksel Guinea Pig

Texel guinea pig is genuinely a momentous animal variant of the greatest devotees. Their wavy delicate hair is clear on their backs, as well as all through the entire body, including the stomach. The one of a kind hairs have made them one of the finest and the best species of  guinea pigs appears. As you’ve likely understood, this species is the most hard to prep since they are to a great degree inclined to tangling. I would just prescribe this to the individuals who need to flaunt their guinea pigs. In any case, on the off chance that you have the devotion/time and need to flaunt such an outlandish piggy to your companions, they will be justified regardless of the exertion.

White Crested Guinea Pig

These little beloved newborns are unquestionably a group pleaser. They’re likewise simple to spot since they all appear as though they have a white crown over their head, consequently, “peaked.” Other than the peak, they most look like the American. The short, smooth hair makes them simple to prepare and incredible for children to deal with. In spite of the fact that these are much harder to discover than the American, they are basically the same.

Rex Guinea Pig

The Rex guinea pig is another shorthaired rat with hair no more than 1 cm long. Most well evolved creatures have three distinct sorts of hairs, including monitor hairs. Be that as it may, the Rex does not have monitor hairs, making its hide extremely fleece like. Their most eminent elements are long sagging ears with a thick, harsh coat. Rex guinea pigs are incredible for kids as a result of they are less demanding to deal with than most different breeds. The absence of gatekeeper hairs give it’s hide a one of a kind surface that kids appear to love.

Himalayan Guinea Pig

The Himalayan guinea pig is really an amazing breed and is regularly called the siamese felines of guinea pigs. Regardless of their looks, they are not as uncommon as you’d anticipate. In addition to the fact that they are considered a pale skinned person, yet they are known not shading (normally dark) on their commotions, feets and ears (called “focuses”). I would suggest this breed on the off chance that you live in a territory without an excess of daylight and warmth. The focuses will really begin to vanish in the event that it’s presented with a considerable measure of daylight. Beside those elements, these are generally simple guinea pigs to raise due to their short haired coat.

Skinny Guinea Pig

Completely smooth, the thin pig really has some hair on the feet and legs. They started from a lab guinea pig settlement, where strains of shorthaired and bald guinea pigs were crossed to create this breed. In spite of the fact that they aren’t the most alluring types of guinea pigs, they have comparable identities to the next 9 sorts. Without a doubt, numerous individuals have asserted that it is harder to “love” them as a result of their physical appearance, however, the length of you treat them legitimately, they will respond the affection. It is not suggested  these for youngsters, as it might be hard for them to warm up to a thin pig. For those that really welcome these creatures for what they are and don’t completely require the “cutest” pet, this bald breed would be extraordinary for you.

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