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The Silkie Guinea Pig

The Silkie Gunea Pig is a very unique breed with a wild hairstyle. The pigs’ hair is of a long and flowing locks style. Silkie guinea pig is a very popular domestic pet. It is also placed in many show rooms around the word. It has lively personality traits that enables it to perform well among other breeds in show room competitions. It has good looks and aesthetics that will make you cast your vote in their favor during competitions.

Personal and Physical Characteristics

The Silkie Guinea Pig has a very unique hair compared to other guinea pigs. It has long, soft and shiny locks which make them fun to play with, especially for the children. The long and soft hair flows down past their necks and shoulders. The hairstyle is of a tear drop design since ear hair gets longer and thicker towards its rear. The Silkie with a satin coat usually has shinny and softer hair compared to the regular Silkies. The Silkie is well known for its good personality. It is a very gentle animal with a tendency of shying off from new owners or playmates. The Silkie is laid-back and easy going. It is not hyper like other guinea pigs. It offers you with attention and affection just for a little playful bribery. The Silkie is very rewarding when given a few snacks during playtime. They become more attached to you as they feel free when let out of their cages. They like roaming around on the floor or outside with your supervision.

Origins of the Silkie

Their name comes from their silky, smooth hair and fur. It Europe they are called Sheltie guinea pigs instead of Silkie Guinea Pigs. The Silkie was discovered in 1970s around the same time as the Skinny guinea pig. The Silkie is considered an exotic breed since it is a crossbreed between two types of guinea pigs. These are the Self-Black guinea pig and the Peruvian guinea pig. The first crossbreeding took place in 1970 in the UK. Since then crossbreeding has become popular for guinea pigs and household pets. The Silkie has become a very popular pet for over forty years now. The unique personality traits and appearance has made them popular over the years. The effective crossbreeding has also given them a superior genetic makeup.

Health and Longevity

The Silkies` care requires a lot of time and effort compared to other breeds. There extensive hair requires daily grooming and upkeep. The Silkie Guinea Pig requires constant maintenance to keep their locks healthy and growing. The Silkie is suited for adults with money and time for grooming and care. Good care makes sure that your pet is fresh and energetic to play with. This breed requires constant upkeep to ensure their cleanliness and vibrancy of the silky, smooth and long hair. You are recommended to brush this pet at least once per day. This helps in keeping the locks from being entangled with each other. Make it a habit to clean your Silkie regularly to keep it accustomed to being brushed. This prevents the pet from showing resistance. Untangling the hair makes the pet feel more comfortable. You need to come up with a schedule for care and maintenance. The Silkie will tolerate the grooming process over time. It is also recommended to bathe them a few times per week. This helps to keep their hair and overall coat shinny and smooth. Spot-cleaning is the best cleaning method. This involves wiping down each part of their coat with a wet cloth as opposed to soaking them in a bowl of water. The brushing and the washing process should become part of your weekly schedule. The Silkie will become more accustomed to the spot cleaning method with regular cleaning. With good care, the average lifespan of a Silkie ranges from 4 to 7 years.

Diet and Foods

Just like most guinea pigs, the Silkie eats Timothy hay, vegetables, food pellets and fruits with vitamin c. They also need to drink a lot of water. The cage should be spacious enough for dining and roaming around. Install some equipment for playing and exercise. These may be a toy to play with or a wheel to run on.

The hair of the Silkie Guinea Pig

The Silkie Guinea Pig is recognized for its long hair which draws the attention of many breeders. It encompasses more beautiful locks compared to other guinea pigs. This feature make them ideal for animal shows. The Silkies can also be seen with satin coats which are very similar to that of the normal Silkie coats. Their coat is shiner and denser compared to other guinea pigs. The hair also comes in different colors just like other guinea pigs. It is essential to wrap Silkies` hair to keep it from forming knots, tangles and mats.

The Difference between Silkie and Peruvian

These two long haired guinea pigs have a few distinct differences. While the two have long coats, the direction of hair growth on their head is very different. The hair of the Silkie Guinea Pig grows back line the mane of a lion. This leaves a free face enabling you to see the adorable little features. On the other hand, the Peruvians` hair grows such that it covers their heads with large bangs. Its hair can be styled while being bathed such that it becomes hard to tell the head form the tail. The coat of the Peruvian guinea pig also grows longer than that of the Silkie. The hair length of the Peruvian is of even length across their body. The Silkies` hair tends to increase in length from the back with the longest hair on the rear. The Peruvian has rosettes in the hind quarters when it is born. The hair from one of the rosettes grows forward while the other grows backwards. The hair below grows downwards. This multi-directional hair growth leaves a visible part down the middle of their back. The Silkie does not have this natural part on their back. Instead, the hair sweeps evenly backwards from their head to the rear with no breaks as the hair gets thicker on the rear. This gives the Silkie a tear drop shape when viewed from above.

Frequent rooming, a healthy diet and exercise are necessary for the longevity and health of the Silkie. It also helps to keep them happy. As a result, you will be rewarded with affection and adoration. The Silkie Guinea Pig is a sight to see. These high maintenance pets are suitable for adults. The Silkies` dazzling looks and good behavior provide an excellent option for a devoted owner.

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